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Story to date:

Hello! I am a musician, entrepreneur, teacher, songwriter, and general ideas man and I have run several businesses over the past 30 years. Working as a barman, and then a sales representative, I decided to go out on my own when I found that I had no difficulty selling and making deals for other companies. I got myself a few agencies in the plumbing trade and started importing and distributing through retailers in Ireland, and then in London England.

It was a rocky road, as most start-ups are but it ended in success when I sold out to a multinational in 2007. I also got involved in other businesses, including retail and property, where I also was lucky in my dealings. You work hard and luck comes your way!

I have a new Music Publishing business called AtSongs  which is my passion. 

Learning and Teaching

2004- date

After doing an MBA in University College Cork (“making it in business and then finding out how I did it!”), I went on to do a doctorate on The Teaching of Entrepreneurship at University Level which I completed in 2012. I taught Entrepreneurship at Postgraduate University Level for 10 years. The doctorate can be acessed here:
Here's a story from the Irish Times:

Other Stuff

All the Time

On the song-writing front, I have a publishing deal with Warner Chappell in London and co-write with artists in Ireland and the UK.

It is a passion and I get to work with people like Declan Sinnott  ( Christy Moore and Mary Black ) and Scott and Elfie English (“Mandy” and “Bend me Shape Me”). With Chris Ahern, I have a publishing company which works with musicians and songwriters to further their skills and careers.
I keep a boat in Crosshaven where I “mess about on the ocean”.

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